Avery Davis Bell

About Me

I’m a genetics researcher interested broadly in the forces that shape genomes, from the “distal,” like evolution, to the “proximal”, like recombination and chromosome segregation during the production of sperm and eggs. I use sequence data to interpret and learn about these forces. Currently, I’m a NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship postdoctoral fellow with Annalise Paaby at Georgia Tech.

During my PhD, I figured out relationships between where crossovers are placed, how often crossovers are formed, and the improper segregation of chromosomes in human sperm by developing and using a technique to sequence the genomes of thousands of sperm cells at once (now published). These relationships exist not only among individual humans, but also across sperm cells and chromosomes.

I’m also an educator, especially interested in teaching genetics and programming (in R) for biology research to undergraduate and graduate students. How to make institutions and learning generally, and my classrooms specifically, more equitable and accessible for people from minoritized groups are key to my pedagogy.

Please get in touch to discuss any or all of the above, request copies of my publications, or otherwise connect.


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